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Asking Prof. Lipstadt to prevent YouTube censorship

Asking Deborah Lipstadt to prevent censorship of YouTube video about her labeling David Irving “Amalek

Copy of August 31, 2016 e-mail to Prof. Deborah Lipstadt:

In the near future we will be placing on YouTube a video of my speech, “Lipstadt, Amalek and Irving,” analyzing the ominous implications of your use of the term “Amalekite” to describe dissident historian David Irving. 

As you may recall, the video of my speech first appeared online via Googles video service. 

On January 27, 2006 you denounced my speech on your blog. After your denunciation  and two days after Mr. Irving was sentenced to prison in Austria for giving a revisionist lecture  my video was banned by Google. 

We call on you now to inform your powerful acolytes in the top echelon of the corporate media that our video should not be censored. Let’s see you pre-empt censorship, in keeping with your stated principles, rather than sanctimoniously decrying it only after speech critical of you has been tyrannically suppressed. 

Yours for Freedom, 
Michael Hoffman 


Editor’s Note: The  Lipstadt, Amalek and Irving video had passed Google’s review process and was approved for broadcast by Google. 

The finding, on the part of Google almost a month after it had been placed online, of a “violation,” can only be due to behind-the-scenes pressure exerted on Google. 

The video had been broadcast from January 24 to Feb. 22, 2006 with, according to Google, 1708 “page views” in that time period.

Regarding this censorship, an in-depth report and analysis of Prof. Lipstadt's damage control stratagem and dissembling will appear in our hard-copy Revisionist History newsletter no. 86, which will be published in early September.

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Caught in a lie: Lipstadt-Irving "Denial” movie

Lipstadt-Irving "Denial” movie: 
Caught in a lie before the movie even debuts

By Michael Hoffman

In a note that follows this column, Hadding Scott proves the point that the movie "Denial" has, in at least one showcased instance, deliberately lied about what exactly was the challenge David Irving issued to Deborah Lipstadt in front of her college class —  a key scene dramatically depicted in the movie and the trailer for it.

Since the entire movie — with no doubt many more lies in it —  has not yet been seen by revisionists, it does not bode well for the film that in a mere three minute excerpt, already one egregious lie has been discovered within it.

Why would Hollywood film-makers proceed to retail a Big Lie such as Mr. Scott documents? It is because they are quite confident that millions of people the world over will never encounter the facts that prove it is a lie. 

Revisionists command an audience in the tens of thousands, not the millions. Millions of movie-goers will see the lie presented in a slick and devout film starring a popular and respected Academy Award winning actress who reverently portrays "Holocaust" High Priestess Deborah Lipstadt , along with a supporting cast of A-list British actors. They will most likely believe its storyline on that basis. 

Barring a miracle, our guess is that at most, perhaps 90,000 or 100,000 people around the world will at some point in time learn the revisionist truth about this "Denial" film's egregious deceptions. Even if it were twice that number however, it will be dwarfed by the tens of millions who will view it in theatres and at some point in the future, on television, and who will accept it as Hollywood Holy Writ. 

Tinsel town's cinematic tricksters cynically lie about David Irving with the many millions in their audience in mind. They dismiss the tens of thousands of people who might possibly learn of their fraud. They lie predicated on that cynical equation. It is in the nature of the followers of Zionism and Holocaustianity to lie.  

By the way, the movie will premier in North America on 9-11 in Toronto, Canada. Beginning Sept. 30 it will be released in select US cities until Oct. 21, when it will debut in movie theaters nationwide. Publicity will build throughout September and October. What can truth-seekers do to counter the film? Your suggestions are solicited. Our hard copy Revisionist History newsletter no. 86 will be devoted to exposing Lipstadt and will be published in mid-September. We hope you will join in distributing the newsletter outside theatres where "Denial" is shown. Internet activism is not enough.

We are also preparing another offensive in this great battle. When publicity for the film is cresting, we will debut an embarrassing surprise for Lipstadt on YouTube, the online video medium. Perhaps it will go viral and exceed the 100,000 or 200,000 viewers’ mark, and begin to compete with the movie itself for the attention of millions. YouTube has that potential. We can turn the tables!

Meanwhile, complacency is being sown by the couch potatoes and do-nothings in our ranks who are declaring, “There's no such thing as bad publicity," and that David Irving will benefit from the “Denial” film.  The Zionists however, have hazarded tens of millions of dollars on the opposite proposition, and they are not fools. 

Moreover, if there is no such thing as bad publicity, why did Irving sue Lipstadt for libel in the first place? Answer: she publicized false claims about him that virtually destroyed his ability to sell his books to major publishing houses.  

We should not permit the complacency of the Internet indolent, whose chief form of "activism" is to stare into a computer screen, to dull our awareness that there is much work to be done in countering and exposing “Denial.” It indeed represents an opportunity, but one that we must energetically and intelligently exploit. We pray that you will join us in this effort.

— Michael Hoffman ©2016

Hoffman is the author of The Great Holocaust Trial. His Truth Mission is made possible through prayer, publicity, donations and the sale of his work.

"Denial" Movie Caught in a Lie

There is a crucial misrepresentation in the movie "Denial" about David Irving contra Deborah Lipstadt, where Irving is represented as saying:  “... I’ve got a thousand dollars to give anyone who can show me a document that proves the Holocaust.” 

In fact, David Irving never offered $1000 for any document that could “prove the Holocaust.” 

In Atlanta on 11 November 1994, Deborah Lipstadt gave a presentation wherein, in addition to making derogatory statements about Mr. Irving without realizing that he was present, she claimed that she knew of “a blueprint of a gas chamber complete with the openings through which the S.S. tipped the pellets of cyanide.” 

Mr. Irving stood up and issued to Professor Lipstadt the following challenge: “I have here a thousand dollars for you if you can produce to this audience, now or at any time in the future, this document about which you have just lied to them.” 

By his own account, then, David Irving dared Deborah Lipstadt not to prove the "Holocaust," but only to show a particular document of which she had claimed knowledge — which he knew she had misrepresented. 

Irving on this occasion was relying on the work of Professor Robert Faurisson, who eighteen years earlier had acquired copies of the blueprints of what are supposed to be gas-chambers at Auschwitz, noting that they were in fact blueprints for mortuaries. 

It is, thus, quite clear that David Irving has been misquoted in that trailer's excerpt from the movie, in a way that facilitates calling him a "Denier." It is contradicted by Irving’s own contemporary record, and, furthermore, it is simply not the kind of statement that David Irving has been known to make.

For Further Research:

Read more at:

Hollywood’s Revenge on David Irving


Monday, August 15, 2016

Hollywood’s Revenge on David Irving

Hollywood’s Revenge on Dissident Historian David Irving

By Michael Hoffman

In late September the Zionists will once again advance their cartoon version of history by means of Hollywood, their “court" of first resort. Tinseltown is the ideal venue for projecting fantasies disguised as historical truth and trying and convicting heretics and dissidents. The target in question is English historian David Irving, author of more than 20 best-selling history books and the leading military historian of National Socialist Germany.

In the year 2000 he brought to trial a libel suit in London against Deborah Lipstadt, a dreary thought cop from Emory University in Georgia who has made it her life’s work to dream up a new category of heretic (“Holocaust denier”), reflective of the hysteria and megalomania of the religion of Holocaustianity, of which she is high priestess. The hobby horse of one obscure professor soon became a marching order for the media of the entire western world. The story behind that chilling Orwellian perversity is itself deserving of a book-length study.

Thanks to Deborah, many writers and historians now bear the career-withering  holocaust denier" stigmata, branded both by new media (Google search engine, Wikipedia) and the senile print media. Imagine if every atheist who was a chemist, astronomer, geographer, novelist or sculptor, who did not believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, would have to endure going through life perpetually branded by the media as a “Resurrection-denier”? 

Of course in our modern world one may deny the cental tenet of Christendom all one likes. Hollywood director James Cameron lavishly funds the Resurrection denial of Israeli activist Simcha Jacobvici. In the Israeli state there is a tourist trade based on selling maps and taking tours of what the Israelis describe as the tomb where the bones of Jesus rot,  but Cameron and co. bear no contumely for it.

Acting as his own attorney, Irving went it alone against Lipstadt and her team of lawyers and researchers in the masonic courts of injustice, for which Britian is notorious. In spite of a few failings (chiefly in deciding not to call German-American chemist/historian Germar Rudolf as a witness), Irving mounted a magnificent defense against a legal team consisting of lawyers for England’s aristocracy, funded by the bottomless pockets of movie mogul Steven Spielberg, and with the Israeli ambassador seated in the courtoom with his retinue of gun-toting bodyguards  in case the presiding judge didn’t get the message about which way the verdict should go.

Unfortunately, there is no revisionist book about the Irving trial as there is for the show trial of Ernst Zündel in Canada. In the breach, on September 30 Hollywood will tender “Denial," its mendacious spin on the ignominious Lipstadt, who was so cowardly she hid behind her high-priced lawyers and refused to take the stand and endure Mr. Irving’s cross-examination (it will be interesting to see how the film will handle this embarrassing, self-indicting fact).

The part of the slim and good-looking Irving of that era is played by Timothy Spall, a chubby thespian with a flaccid jaw who  typically portrays villains. The role of the plain-looking Prof. Lipstadt is undertaken by the glamorous Rachel Weisz, who is usually cast as a heroine. 

This is a morality play in a shades-of-gray world. When Christians endeavor to slay a dragon we are told to lighten up, don’t be a fanatic, embrace diverse viewpoints. When the Zionists prepare to slay a revisionist reptile, existential factors are banished and a pure struggle between cosmic good and evil takes center stage.

We will soon place online a video of a speech this writer delivered at Mr. Irving’s “Real History” Cincinnati conference more than a decade ago, concerning Lipstadt’s use of the theological term “Amalek” to denigrate him. 

In 2006, when that speech was first placed on Google’s fledgling online video channel, friends of Lipstadt had it removed. She stated afterward: “The video, which was a virulent attack on me by Hoffman, was introduced by David Irving. I am sorry the video is gone. It was such a blatant example of the venomous hatred these folks feel towards Jews. It also was a prime illustration of their delusional conspiracy theories. I had used it in a number of speeches to illustrate their thinking.” 

Needless to say, there was absolutely “no hatred toward Jews” in the video. Deb can’t seem to refrain from recklessly spouting this “Jew hater trope. It's a Pavlovian response to any informed criticism of a Judaic academic that is accurate  and wounding because it is accurate. By ominously terming Irving “Amalek,” Prof. Lipstadt rendered him, in terms of rabbinic theology, a target for extermination (how ironic). Pointing this out is only “Jew hate” in a Wonderland world where any defiance of the impostures of the Holy People is automatically suspect; again we observe the relentless megalomania.

The Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) has a message board online about the “Denial” movie.  This is an opportunity to reach new people with “holocaust” revisionism before the movie is released.  For instance, a link has been provided at IMDB to this writer’s column on the Charlie Hebdo/ -Tales of the Holohoax hypocrisy:  
The IMDB is read by many show business insiders. This is a chance to reach them as well as the general public.  

Michael Hoffman’s Truth Mission is made possible by sales of his publications and broadcasts, and donations from benefactors.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Secret History of the Protestant Reformation

The Secret History of the Protestant Reformation

A Revolt Against Papal-Fugger Usury 
and Catholic Nominalism

Michael Hoffman

“The heathen were able, by the light of reason, to conclude that a usurer is a double-dyed thief and murderer. We Christians, however, hold them in such honor, that we fairly worship them for the sake of their moneyWhoever eats up, robs and steals the nourishment of another, that man commits as great a he who starves a man or utterly undoes him. Such does a usurer, and sits the while safe on his stool, when he ought rather to be hanging on the gallows, and be eaten by as many ravens as he has stolen guilders
"Meanwhile, we hang the small thieves...Little thieves are put in the stocks, great thieves go flaunting gold and silks...there is, on this earth, no greater enemy of man (after the devil), than a gripe-money and usurer, for he wants to be god over all men...a usurer and money gluttonsuch a one would would have the whole world perish from hunger and thirst, misery and that he may have all to himself and every one may receive from him as from a god, and be his serf forever. 
"To wear fine cloaks, golden be deemed and taken for a worthy, pious man...Usury is a great huge monster, like a werewolf, who lays waste all...and yet decks himself out and would be thought pious...”
 Martin Luther

Luther’s views were a loyal reaffirmation of the immemorial Roman Catholic dogma of all of the popes prior to the Renaissance, all of the Fathers of the Early Church, of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Anthony of Padua. After Neoplatonic-Hermeticism invaded the hierarchy of the Church of Rome it succumbed to the modernism of the neo-Catholic Nominalist school, which made 5% usury respectable and fueled the Catholic Fugger usury empire (the Fuggers were the buccaneer-capitalists who banked the Renaissance papacy's indulgence loot). 

Catholics excoriate John Calvin for supposedly pioneering the 5% interest rate in Christendom, but Calvin wasn’t even born when Nominalism and the “5% Fuggers" were first in the ascendant; and Calvin was a child when Medici Pope Leo X began the gradual derogation of the immutable Catholic law against profit on loans (which was sustained by all of his successors), beginning with his papal bull of May, 1515. 

Martin Luther’s rage against the pope's incremental permission for profit on loans is one of the most tightly suppressed motivating factors of the early Protestant Reformation

To this day, the world believes the propaganda that Rome stood against the money-gluttons, while it was the early Protestants who were the first to enable them. In fact, once the Medici put their “monte” usury banks into operation, the Money Power was in a position to buy ecclesiastical offices and choose personnel in the hierarchy of the Church. From the sixteenth century until now the Church of Rome has been under the suzerainty of money.

Many Catholics flee from these facts and our writings and videos on this subject are suppressed or ignored, eerily similar to Zionist tactics. No debate is undertaken (a lone, honorable exception was Anthony Santelli's review in Culture Wars). 

We will not be silenced! The facts presented in our work on the roots of the Money Power in western civilization are not going to go away because papist thought-cops want it to be so. Modern-Catholic “silent treatment” methods will not extinguish the truth.

For further research:

Revisionist History Newsletter No. 65: Martin Luther and Zinskauf: The German Reformation in the Struggle over Usury. Luther’s early and later positions against greed and the Money Power, documented. So many lies have been told about Luther in this regard. No bull, just facts: where he erred and where he was right. 


"History of Catholic and Protestant Usury" DVD
In this college-level lecture in the theology of money given at Lansing, Michigan in April, 2015, historian Michael Hoffman summarizes his book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, and answers challenging questions from the audience. Digitally recorded in color in front of a live audience. Approx. two hours. All-region DVD.

Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not by Michael Hoffman
Softcover book, 416 pages, illustrated.

Both the book and the DVD are available for purchase here:


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Hoffman Archive of Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon

The Hoffman Archive of the 2006 Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon 

Compiled by historian Michael Hoffman

A treasure trove of data made available as a public service

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon has killed more than 900 people and wounded 3,000, with a third of the casualties children under 12.”  Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in a video message to the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Malaysia. [Reuters, Aug. 3, 2006]

Somewhere in the ancient scriptures of India is the statement, “The loss of memory is the root of evil.” Our adversaries have proved very adept at keeping their memories (both real and imagined), alive in the public eye. Germans and Arabs have not been so great at it. We can think of few things worse than amnesia, or the ravages of dementia.

Our people seem to have a premature dementia as evidenced by their forgetfulness. The Israeli holocaust against Lebanon that was perpetrated ten years ago has largely been forgotten. It was a horrible massacre. The relatives and friends of the Arab victims of this Israeli mass murder have not forgotten it, surely; yet they have produced little or no literary memorials or remembrances. Certainly there is not a single museum dedicated to it; not even a statue in a prominent place, of which I am aware, and of course, no war reparations paid, though Lebanon’s Prime Minister Fouad Siniora demanded them at the time. We are aware of no Holocaust in Lebanon feature film having been produced on television or at the local theater.

This wasn't the first Israeli holocaust in Lebanon either. In 1982 the Israelis terror bombed the civilian sectors of Beirut through the months of August and September, attacking clearly marked schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. This too has been forgotten, even though many thousands of innocents were murdered.

We don’t have the means of erecting statues and museums. When this writer was a child my mother related to me the life of Fr. James Keller who headed the “Christophers,” an anti-Communist Catholic media group. Fr. Keller spoke at my mother’s high school graduation. He counseled that seemingly powerless people with few resources could still do something. His maxim was, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” When Willis Carto founded Liberty Lobby in the late 1950s he came up with the adage, “Your influence counts, use it.”

With those truths in mind, we offer the following archive to researchers, historians and the general public. This writer compiled it ten years ago, working some days around-the-clock in July and August of 2006.

 It is our way of using our influence and lighting our candle. We pray that someone, somewhere will do something memorable with this archive, so that those innocent Lebanese who were ground into the muck and mire of blood and dust by the American-backed Israeli genocide machine, shall not be forgotten, and that this holocaust against gentiles will occur Never Again

The Hoffman Archive of the 2006 Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon 

"The sages of the Talmud, explaining G-d’s words through His prophets, already told us that, 'The Geulah (redemption) comes through wars.'  Megilah 17B.  (Source: Ariel Natan Pasko)

July 3, 2006 
Israelis Boldly Admit they are Collectively Punishing the Palestinian People

July 13, 2006
Lebanese civilians massacred by Israel in “self-defense”

July 14, 2006
Israeli Terror in Lebanon 7-14-06

July 15, 2006
Israeli Terrorists Kill 18 Civilians in south Lebanon

July 15, 2006 
Framing Hizbullah

July 16, 2006
Israeli “Pressure” on the civilian population: UN, Corrupt Arab states don’t care

July 17, 2006 
US Betrays Lebanese Allies, while corrupt Arab regimes favor Israelis

July 17, 2006 
Hell on earth, courtesy of the morally superior Israelis

July 18, 2006 
More innocents die as Israeli terror bombing continues

July 18, 2006 
US: Okay for Israelis to holocaust Lebanon for another week

July 19, 2006 
“Israel is going to kill us”

July 19, 2006 
Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon Update: 7-19-06

July 19, 2006 
Testimony of a Survivor of the 1982 Israeli Holocaust in Beirut

July 20, 2006 
Israelis destroy their own Auschwitz

July 21, 2006 
Extensive Eyewitness Testimony to the Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon, 7/21/06 

July 21, 2006
US Media Offer Sanitized Coverage of the Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon

July 21, 2006 
Nation of “Holocaust’ Survivors” Support Holocaust in Lebanon

July 21, 2006 
Holocaust Photos Suppressed by the US Press

July 22, 2006 
British Foreign Minister: Israelis attacking ‘the entire Lebanese nation’

July 22, 2006 
Collusion between corrupt Arab regimes, the U.S. and Israelis

July 22, 2006 
Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon Continues Unabated

July 22, 2006 
Lebanon president: ‘Hezbollah was the main liberator of our land’ 

July 24 2006
Israeli Terrorists Turning Lebanon into a Slaughter-House

July 22, 2006 
How Israelis encouraged the rise of Islamic extremism for their own purposes

July 22, 2006 
U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis: In the Midst of the Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon

July 22, 2006 
UN’s feeble response to the Lebanon crisis

July 22, 2006 
The Shame of Being an American by Paul Craig Roberts

July 23, 2006 
Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon Continue with US Acquiescence, 7/23/06

July 23, 2006 
A Stinking Media Farce: The Hoax of Israeli-Hezbollah Parity

July 24, 2006 
Israeli Youths Write Hate Messages on Bombs Meant for Lebanon

July 24, 2006 
Legal Ruling of the Sanhedrin of Judaism on Killing Civilians

July 25, 2006 
On thin ice: Official justification for the Israeli invasion 

July 25, 2006 
Red Cross ambulances destroyed in Israeli air strike on rescue mission

July 25, 2006 
How the “Holocaust” Cult Inhibits Honest Reporting of Israeli War Crimes by Michael Hoffman 

July 25, 2006 
Talmudic Judaism Backs Zionist Stormtroops 

July 25, 2006 
Myths of the “Semite supremacists” by Jonathan Cook

July 26, 2006 
UN Facility at Khiyam Bombed by Israelis

July 26, 2006 
Israelis Admit Use Banned Cluster Bombs on Lebanese

July 26, 2006 
Children of a Lesser God 

July 27, 2006 
U.N. and Rights Groups Accuse ‘Israel’ of Possible War Crimes

July 28, 2006 
Grin and bear it (mass murder, that is)

July 29, 2006 
Israeli People Mostly Approve of Holocaust in Lebanon 

July 29, 2006 
US Arms Israeli Mass Murderers 

July 30, 2006 
Israelis Massacre Children in Qana“Nazi Holocaust” propaganda has dulled the sensibilities of the world to holocausts against Arabs 

July 30, 2006 
Israeli holocaust in Lebanon documented by the minute

July 31, 2006 
After the Qana massacre, “Israel has lost the battle for hearts and minds” 

August 1, 2006 
All for the Dollar: While Lebanon burns, Saudis Launder Billions for Bush

August 1, 2006 
Christians and Qana

August 2, 2006 
NY Times Performs Damage Control for Israel and Lowers Qana Death Toll 

August 8, 2006 
“Nazi Holocaust” Moralists Have No Compassion for Lebanese Victims of Israeli Terror 

August 10, 2006 
Christians in Pakistan Offer Memorial to Victims of Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon

August 10, 2006 
I am at War with Fascist Judaism 

August 13, 2006 
Israelis Bomb UN Convoy 

August 13, 2006 
The Ho-Hum Holocaust 

August 14, 2006 
Nazi Israelis

August 14, 2006 
The Ku Klux Judaism of David Mamet 

August 17, 2006 
National Public Radio (NPR) Broadcasts Zionist Delusions

Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper editorialized in its July 31 2006 edition concerning the massacre in Qana by the Israelis:  “Now that fresh images of the broken bodies of the women and children of Qana are being shown on our television screens, the idea of forgetting has become all the more unthinkable. These images have stirred the anger and outrage of even the most moderate Lebanese, proving that Israeli brutality - not Hizbullah - has become Israel’s own worst enemy. Israel’s unabashed butchery in Qana has only demonstrated to many of those who were on the fence that there is indeed a legitimate need for resistance.”

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