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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, January 05, 2018

Letter from a reader of "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome"

Letter from a reader of the book, 
The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

The Church of Rome’s Kabbalistic Christ (from p. 351)

New Year’s greetings, Michael,
We wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2018.

I am writing basically to inform you that we did receive your latest book in the mail, and want to thank you again for sending a personal copy. So fascinated by its contents was I, that I managed to consume the entire 600+ pages in about four days.

It is, I must confess, a monumental work, but one which will probably not be read by the majority of so-called ‘trads.’ It’s message is too uncomfortable. The major premises of the work challenge some of our most cherished notions, I’m afraid. It is a veritable game changer, demanding of the average traditional Catholic intellect a kind of revisionist thinking which might be too disruptive to closely guarded prejudices, and far too revolutionary in its scope.

After all, your book does closely link the Roman Church to ancient pagan magic and philosophy, not to mention the Jewish Talmud and Caballa, over a period of at least 500 years. Not a linkage which promises to warm the hearts of most traditional Catholic coreligionists. Shockingly, it implicates iconic and venerated Catholic church figures in breathtaking moral failures and crimes, blame for which, earlier, many of us could easily lay off on Protestants and Jews.

I doubt that Archbishop Lefebvre, were he alive today, would have received the book gladly. I think you might have experienced at least some push back, even from him. Why? Because, if I understand his basic mindset at all, Lefebvre viewed the genesis of the church crisis stemming in great part from Vatican II, as an almost totally unanticipated and unexpected event. Pius XII was the last of the “good” popes. But immediately after his death, while The new springtime’ John XXII held the door, the church marched out suddenly into the night and fell off the edge of the earth into total apostasy.

One has to believe that ABL saw it all as an unfortunate, but temporary, glitch in the history of the church, which, with an amount of emergency intervention, would eventually be corrected. So when the post-conciliar apostates and anti-Christs finally died off, or were otherwise swept away, the real Church could once again re-emerge to assume Her proper role. Things would go on as they more or less always had. In anticipation of inevitable restoration, he was motivated, perhaps, to establish seminaries and train a corp of traditional priests in semi-exile, ready to drop back in once the crisis was over, and things were normalized.

Your book, though, seems to destroy any such ideas. The sickness was too deep and of too long duration. V2 was an inevitable eruption, the final bursting forth of a foul and diseased infection, festering, mostly subliminally, for centuries, though occasional outbursts had always occurred historically.

Organizations like the SSPX, by failing to understand the true dimensions of the crisis, can do little to arrest it. And believe me, they haven’t.

Michael, we would like to visit with you in the new year, and let you explain some of the book’s more intriguing and difficult passages. For example, your lengthy treatment of the Egyptian obelisk, moved and reset near the front of St Peter’s, at great expense, with an inordinate number of workers participating (900?). You expended many pages on this one engineering feat alone. I guess you want to impress upon the reader the extent to which a caballistic, occult-oriented pope would go (Sixtus V?), and the energy and effort he would expend in moving and re-planting this ancient, pagan symbol to the phallus. Is that it?

I’m happy that you give Savonarola his due. In a half-way healthy church he should easily be considered for sainthood. I have only one book on this intrepid man of God, a book which I’ve read twice. It is entitled “Life and Times of Savonarola” by Prof. Pasquale Villari, Scribner’s, 1898. I don’t find it in your bibliography. Maybe you number Villari among the Neoplatonists and Hermeticists. I trust that that is not the case. It may just be a title which is hard to lay one’s hands on.

Name and Address withheld by request


Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Winston Churchill; protests in Iran and "Justifying the Ways of God"

Justifying the Ways of God

By Michael Hoffman

Last week we solicited end-of-the-year donations and thanks to the response of kind benefactors we can now say we have received help from 2% of the readership, rather than the 1% we cited previously.

2% support is something of a joke, but we’ve been on a shoestring budget for so long we are are hardened to it, and this On the Contrary blog, thanks to the handful of generous readers who answered our call for assistance, can now resume for the next several weeks. 

Winston Churchill

People have asked us to refute the new movie starring Gary Oldman, about “Saint” Winston Churchill, the man of iniquity who targeted the civilian center of every major German city for merciless fire-bombing. This holocaust of some 600,000 souls is not an issue for Hollywood. The dead were of the wrong religion and nationality. Holocaust denial is permissible with regard to them.

As most of you know the inmates are in charge of the asylum and as long as a mass-murdering barbarian like Churchill, who destroyed the magnificent citadels of western civilization in Germany, is a standard of moral excellence for Conservatives wishing to uphold that civilization, there will be no clear historical vision and the current insanity will prevail. Double-minded people are unstable in all their ways.

The Protests in Iran

Meanwhile, the “bad guys” in Iran are the subject of more than the usual moral posturing of late, on the part of President Trump and the establishment media.

They want us to forget that in 2011 monarchial Saudi Arabia assisted the minority-ruled monarchial regime in Bahrain in crushing widespread popular democracy protests by the Shia majority. The Saudis sent in troops and tanks. It seems that was o.k. because the Saudis are Israeli allies and the US has a military base in Bahrain.

The double standard toward protests in Iran and those in Bahrain undercuts the credibility of those who claim to seek to crusade to free Iranians, who by the way do indeed vote in elections, however flawed  while shrugging their shoulders over on-going oppression by the two dynasties that tyrannize Saudi Arabians and the majority in Bahrain.

The whole issue is tainted by U.S. and Israeli “security interests.” If there was genuine support for democracy in the Middle East there would be enormous pressure on the gulf states calling for free elections and an end to rule by two despotic families. Instead, the focus is on “the evil Iranian regime.” The corrosive hypocrisy is missed in the U.S., but not in the Mideast. 

Justifying the Ways of God

As 2018 dawns I look upon the next 364 days with hope that something will change drastically in our symptom-obsessed thinking. John Milton, in the opening lines of Paradise Lost, wrote of “justifying the ways of God to man.” Toward that end I hasten to remind our people that the root of all evil is the love of money. The root of the love of money is the renting of it. If you permit the renting of money  if there is no ethical sanction against it  if it isn’t regarded as a shameful practice worse than abortion and sodomy, then you will most certainly be tyrannized by the Money Power. 

In endeavoring to justify the ways of God to man, it is necessary to state this truth. Despair and defeatism are tools of The Adversary, yet we open ourselves to those evils when we depart from the ways of God, which are often alien to our corrupt human nature.

The true Church always taught that renting money was worse than murder because it is the root of murder. Abortion is a highly profitable industry. Bans on sodomy invite unprofitable boycotts of states where legislatures might enact it. Yet we focus our most intense revulsion on abortionists and practicing homosexuals  on symptoms rather than the source. Do we believe the Word of God? I wonder how many of us truly do. The love of money is the root of all evil. Is that so difficult to fathom? Is there any force in business, industry, agriculture or the arts and sciences that can compete with compound interest for generating money, or withstand its influence? 

The Internet is a fine tool but it has its downside, and of these one is distraction. People’s minds are not as focused as in the days before the Internet and they flit from “solution to solution” and from leader to leader like honeybees traveling from flower to flower. But unlike those busy bees, our people extract not honey, but confusion, which in turn sows discouragement. 

Living in north Idaho we witness a large population of Conservatives devoted first and foremost to their personal survival. But he who would save his life will lose it (Luke 9:24). The talented among our own who have dropped out of the combat are too numerous to count. Wayne Gretzky, arguably among the best hockey players in history, famously stated, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Many of our people have fled the ice and are not taking their shots. 

Why then do we feel superior to Israelis, rabbis, transgender activists, the illegal immigrant lobby and Hillary Clinton supporters? They are not hiding off the grid in mountain redoubts. They are engaged in campaigns. They have faith and hope and resolve. They fight weekly, even daily. Decades ago their views were despised and in the minority. Today they rule us. 

God has a plan for our victory. His ways are not our ways, but until we do a better job of getting behind those men and women with the vision to articulate His ways, 2018 will be much the same, or worse, than 2017. 

Our Truth Mission: Projects now Underway 

1. Editing Daniel Krynicki’s revised and expanded edition of his book History of Money and Usury in America, for digital publication on the Amazon Kindle.

2. Researching and writing Revisionist History newsletter no. 94.

Book projects we intend to commence in 2018: “Against Conformity,” an anthology of this writer’s columns over the past two decades, and a new history, “Hanging Poor Whites,” do not, at present, have funding to proceed.We are hopeful we will obtain the necessary resources so these can see print. 

And remember that as much as funding is needed, publicity is also a prerequisite for our success. The silent treatment accorded our books, The Occult Renaissance Church of Romeas well as Usury in Christendom, and our work in general, has been a significant challenge. Please encourage others to obtain, discuss and review our material.

Veteran readers have seen your editor quote Edmund Rostand’s words from his play Cryanno de Bergerac before. They bear repeating at the start of 2018: “The enemy has us surrounded. We shall not let him escape!”

Wishing you a holy, healthy and prosperous New Year,

Michael Hoffman
and the staff of Independent History and Research

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

German Holocaust Survivor’s Christmas Memory

A German Holocaust Survivor’s 
Christmas Memory

Michael Hoffman’s Note: Ingrid Rimland, the wife of the late German revisionist Ernst Zündel, died at the age of 81 in October, after a brief illness. Though no one is permitted by the mass media to be termed a Holocaust Survivor™ unless they were a Judaic victim of the Third Reich, Ingrid was indeed a person who had survived a holocaust, having only barely escaped Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s attempt to enslave, extrude and exterminate ethnic Germans in the territory of the USSR. 

During the Second World War, Ingrid witnessed Germans in Russia rounded up and deported to Siberia, or killed. Born in the Soviet Union among the Mennonites from Germany who had resided there since the time of Catherine the Great, she was with her family as they fled Stalin’s holocaust, seeking safe haven in Germany, on a perilous western trek with little food or clothing, pursued by Communist troops.

The following brief remembrance demonstrates the indomitable, never-surrender spirit of these “Volksdeutsche.” May it serve to inspire our people to endure in the midst of the peculiar 21st century genocide which destroys us by psychological rather than military warfare, seeking to impose feelings of worthlessness and a mentality of spiritual suicide. 

Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zündel:

“A scene of many years ago, somewhere in Russia or Poland, is burned into my memory: a freezing, hungry Christmas on the trek, on rickety wagons pulled by exhausted horses that left their bloody footprints in the snow. We Volksdeutsche, thousands and thousands of us, were fleeing the murderous hordes of the Red Army. We stopped somewhere at night and there was nothing but ice and dark sky in the snow-laden forest. Many had died on the road. Many more would die on the road ahead. Only four in my family were still alive — my mother, my grandmother, my baby-sister and this writer, then seven years old.

“I lay curled up beneath snow-sodden blankets, sobbing my heart out. I watched as my grandmother climbed down from the wagon, tears freezing on her cheeks. She had nothing to give me but this — she broke off a twig from a fir tree, and with her trembling, frostbitten hands she put a match to it against the wind, and when it threw sparks she held it up to my nose with these words, “Sei still! Halt aus! So duftet Weihnachten im Vaterland’ (‘Be quiet! Endure! That is how Christmas smells in our homeland”).
Independent History and Research 
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816-0849


Monday, December 18, 2017

Online now: Vladimir Lenin’s ideology of hatred

Vladimir Lenin’s ideology of hate is rehabilitated online without censorship or obstruction by hate speech police

By Michael Hoffman

You may have heard that earlier this year Amazon.com removed dozens of books for sale on its website because they were judged to be “hateful.” 

Books in praise of Communist butchers continue to be sold by Amazon, however.

The media inform us that Twitter has also embarked upon a campaign to nobly cleanse its digital premises of “hate."

The privileged students in halls of academe such as Stanford, Harvard and Cornell have signed on to the Inquistion's standard that error has no rights. Challenges to Leftist and Zionist orthodoxies are labeled as hateful by consensus approval, and thus subject to a ban in the name of preventing hatred and genocide.

Workers World Party is one of the many accounts on Twitter glorifying the hate-filled Leninist party, created by the Communist butcher of millions of Russian Christians. There have been few if any calls from the mainstream media to persuade Twitter to remove Leninist hate speech. Similar hate-filled Communist web pages are hosted by Facebook and Google.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon would not dream of countenancing a ban on books rehabilitating the reputation of hate-mongering mass murderers such as Vladimir Lenin, who is newly celebrated in a disgraceful book from Verso: Lenin 2017

Part of a full page advertisement in the London Review of Books, Oct. 5, 2017, p. 11.

This volume is described by the publisher in a full page advertisement published in the October 5, 2017 issue of the prestigious London Review of Books, as containing an appreciation of “Lenin’s true greatness.” 

Vladimir Lenin murdered millions of people, including the peasants and workers in whose name he and his Communists conquered Russia. He crushed freedom of speech and press and most other human rights. Through his CHEKA secret police, he killed almost any dissenter. If Leninism ever starts up again, millions more will die.

Killers like Lenin and the movement of hate he launched against goyim, kulaks and Christians is absent from the virtue-signaling new inquisition against conservative expression in digital speech, and online texts. 

In fact, as we saw with Leftist Antifa violence and arson in 2017, it seems that the self-appointed censors at Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon who are policing the Internet, are themselves co-conspirators —  tyrannical Leftists exploiting the issue of “hate” to gain totalitarian dominion over their political rivals in the marketplace of ideas — by demonizing and suppressing Conservatives online and leaving the Communists and anarchists mostly untouched

Meanwhile three of Lenin's statues stand on public display in America, with no campaign by CNN or the Washington Post to remove them.

If hatred and violence really were the target of the online censors,  Lenin’s Workers World Party and Verso’s Lenin 2017 would be among the first of the far-Left groups and texts to be proscribed. Instead, Amazon and Twitter have considerable tolerance and more than a little sympathy for the dictatorial revolutionary violence represented by the far Left. 

By terrorizing, intimidating and censoring American Conservatives, the “progressives” stand exposed as the ideological heirs of politically correct mass murder. Somehow this does not constitute hate in the eyes of our bosses in the media. 

Copyright©2017 by Michael Hoffman

Hatred for Christmas in Orthodox Judaism

No sex allowed for Orthodox Jews on Christmas Eve

Rabbinic authorities worry Judaic couples might conceive a monster

— and other facets of the Kabbalists' insane hatred for the Judean child born at Christmas

By Michael Hoffman
author of Judaism Discovered and Judaism’s Strange Gods

Evan Goldberg produced and co-wrote “The Night Before." Jonathan Levine directed it; Seth Rogen (above, center) stars.

Introduction: The following documetation is from rabbinic and other Judaic sources. Judaic Hollywood translates the hatred we will document into movies like “The Night Before,” a 2015 “comedy" in which a Zionist wearing a six-pointed hexagram on his sweater vomits in a church on Christmas Eve. 

Menorahs replace Nativity scenes in civic spaces. 

Hanukkah gets equal — or superior — billing over the traditional birthdate of the Redeemer. 

“Happy Holidays” and other season’s bleatings replace Merry Christmas.

The profound joy with which western civilization celebrated Christmas Eve until our post-modernist times deeply angered and offended Talmudic and Kabbalist rabbis; particularly the Hasidic rabbis with whom “Conservative Family Values Republicans” are often allied.

There is a religion on earth that regards Judaic persons who are conceived on Christmas Eve as traitors and apostates. 

When a Judaic child born in September, nine months after Dec. 24, begins acting in a dissenting manner, he or she is assumed to be a Nittel Nacht evil one.

Who but a Jew hater would refuse to free Judaics from such depraved insanity? The main victims of Judaism are Judaic people. 

Is it “anti-semitic” to liberate Judaics from Talmud and Kabbalah? 

Do the Jew-hating rabbis term liberation from Talmud and Kabbalah “Jew-hate,” so as to keep their Judaic slaves under their thumbs? 

This is a question almost no one asks and because we pose this question in love and in opposition to hatred, we are dangerous to the empire of evil because we act in the same disarming spirit as Jesus Christ.

The Documentation:

In Orthodox Judaism Christmas Eve is an accursed night which Talmudic and Kabalistic rabbis refer to as Nittel Nacht (“Nittel Night”). “Nitel Nacht is the eve of the non-Jewish holiday celebrating the birth of the Nazarene (Divrei Yatziv O.C. 2 240:1). 

Many followers of the Hasidic rabbis are forbidden on Christmas Eve to have intercourse with their wives.

The rabbinic Kabbalists believe Judaic traitors are conceived on Christmas Eve and as a result Hasaidic rabbis forbid couples from sex on Nittel Nacht

Studying the Talmud is also forbidden, although some choose to read the notorious book of hate, Toledot Yeshu instead, which consists of stories claiming that Jesus (Yeshu) was an illegitimate child born of a harlot; that he practiced magic and seduced women, and died a shameful death. 

Christmas Eve was a time when dark forces were about, rendering it unfit for the purity of Talmud study. [Source: Forward, NY Zionist newspaper]

The basis of the custom not to learn Talmud on the night of the Christian holiday is kabbalistic in nature. See:  Shem Mishmuel Derush Chanukah 5677, and Sefer Regel Yeshara 10.

Sefer Kedushat Tziyon (page 129) points out that the Gemara (Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 107b), teaches that the founder of Christianity was a student of Rabi Yehoshua ben Perachya. In spite of his considerable accomplishments in Torah study, he managed to become a blasphemer. Hence the Talmud (the oral “Torah” committed to writing) is not allowed on Christmas Eve. 

Why no sex on Christmas Eve?  Because “many sinful Jews (Poshei Yisrael) are conceived on that night" (Christmas Eve). Source: Nitei Gavriel Chanukah p. 410; Shaareiy Halacha Uminhag 4/132; Shulchan Menachem 6/242; Igros Kodesh 4/424.

How Hasidic Jews 'Celebrate' Christmas
By Shahar Ilan,  Haaretz (Israeli newspaper)

On Nittel Nacht - otherwise known to the world as Christmas Eve - Hasidic Jews believe that evil inclinations are at full force. On this night, Hasidim believe, the kelipot – vessels, or manifestation of evil forces – become stronger. Sefer Haminhagim (The Book of Customs) teaches that most heretics who abandoned their faith and converted from Judaism were born after illegal coupling on the first Christian’s birthday. 

"Some rebbes used to mark the gentile holiday by ripping up toilet paper for every Shabbat (Sabbath) for the rest of the year. This was not just a simple show of contempt for those who believe in the Holy Trinity – it was a serious show of contempt. The books of the kabbalah treat Christianity as waste detached from the nation of Israel.

"Remembering to hate the goy...on the night (Christmas Eve) in which the powers of evil are strengthening....The Nittel Nacht is a night of remembrance of the persecution of the Jews by the Christians and the night in which it is remembered to hate them... (the Christians).”  [End quote; emphasis supplied].

Michael Hoffman’s Truth Mission needs your help in order to continue this vital educational work: donate 

Friday, December 08, 2017

Henry Herskovitz’s Ordeal of Censorship

The following report was written by Henry Herskovitz, a retired engineer who has been picketing a synagogue in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a small circle of supporters for several years: 

Remember the days of poking fun at Pravda, the Russian government-owned press? We asked: how could anyone rely on the truthfulness of reports that were filtered by agenda-driven government agents? Aren’t we Americans lucky to live in a land where our news isn’t filtered, where we - unlike our Russian counterparts - enjoy a “free” press?

Remember the days of poking fun at Pravda, the Russian government-owned press? We asked: how could anyone rely on the truthfulness of reports that were filtered by agenda-driven government agents? Aren't we Americans lucky to live in a land where our news isn't filtered, where we - unlike our Russian counterparts - enjoy a "free" press?

We have witnessed how Jewish Power persuaded at least a half dozen billboard companies to refuse our attempts to run billboards with the simple message: America First Not Israel (latest example here). 

Careful readers will remember how an Ann Arbor Jew convinced publisher Patricia Garcia to refuse our ad request in the Ann Arbor Observer last year. 

Pressing on, WfP initiated contact with the local MLive Media Group, publisher of a resurrected Ann Arbor News, to run a display ad with the text:

America First Not Israel
Paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered
Saturday Protests 9:30-10:45 AM at 2000 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor
All Welcome (vigilannarbor@hotmail.com for more info)

After MLive received the desired text, and after we received the print ad specs and discount page, marketing executive Hannah Gellis then inquired: "Thanks, Henry. After looking at the discount sheet, how many ads are you interested in running? "

We responded "We are looking at placing six ads, two per month if the marketing program allows. Sunday editions Eighth-page ads (6 @ $240/ad = $1440). We would then be looking at two ads in December, two in January and two in February."

She then asked for "Name of advertiser's business/group funding these ads (I see on the billboard creative that it states 'paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered,' but please confirm) Advertiser's billing address"

We confirmed Deir Yassin Remembered and provided MLive Media Group with my local address for billing purposes. 

Five hours later, however, Hannah dropped the ax:


MLive has sole discretion to reject any ad, and after review, we will not be accepting this ad placement.

I'm sorry I could not assist you in your marketing needs. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes,
Hannah Gellis |MLive Media Group
Marketing Executive

We asked MLive how and by whom this decision was made? "Were there reasons given for the ad's rejection? Could Mlive suggest another wording that would pass muster?"

Hannah's terse response: "We won't be answering these questions. It's in MLive's discretion to reject ads, and we do from time to time. Thank you for your inquiry..."

Seems like this is Deja Vu all over again, and we report these events not because we're complaining, but to document evidence of Jewish Power and its corrosive impact on speech.

[End quote from Mr. Herskovitz]

In America freedom of speech is increasingly captive to the whims of the online monopolies of Silicon Valley (Paypal, Google, Facebook and so forth), and outfits such as the World Jewish Congress, which earlier this year persuaded Amazon to ban dozens of World War revisionist history book. One would think that this suppression of books would be newsworthy, and consequently of interest to the media as well as a topic eliciting outrage among “civil libertarians." Fat chance. American intellectual life is horrifically warped by fear of the you-know-whos.